Todays Generation

At the start of august I moved house to a different town. Fresh start. My old town has the same faces and same old drama. Those girls who were once pure are now tainted and those boys who were high spirited and kind hearted have turned cold and bitter through the change in times and society. All anyone cares about now was what kind of car you own, who you are screwing and if you are more successful than them.  Also it was very funny to watch those who criticised a girl if she walked down the street at day time in a skirt and would call them this and that. Clearly jealousy. Yet they can't see how over the years, they are now that girl they once despised. But of course they would never admit that. Hypocrisy ended up being a key trait in the new generation. I have been out of that scene now for a few months now but not out of touch. The feeling is weird being away from the drama and goings on as well as being glad of not being in it at the same time.. I still have my old friends from the scene.

Friends is a subject I have deeply learnt about over the years, even though I understand I still have more to come than of what has happened in my 20 years. The amount of back-stabbing is incredible. I'm not saying I am innocent of this either don't get me wrong. I don't know if this happened 50 or 100 years ago but it has to have come from somewhere, but maybe it is just that more blatant because of the way the world is today. I suspect they would have kept it more low key back then. But also I have learnt the saying 'you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family' is oh so very true in my case, which is probably even worse than if a friend back-stabbed you because through thick and thin family should be there for you no matter if you were right or wrong. But also you never fully realise when you have a true friend until you have let them drift out of your life even though they have done you no wrong. I hate when that happens.

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