Autum Project

Don't you just love autumn! Okay the change of much colder weather and how it begins to get darker before you've even got home from work/ school/ college is a downer, but if you really stop to look at how mother nature makes her transition through the changing colours and textures you learn to really admire this season. Which brings us to my new project...
If you are one of those people who passes through life with out really stopping to look around you, then follow me and I will help you to appreciate the untouched beauty of nature at work.

You may have taken a stroll through a park or woods with family, a loved one or as I've seen during my walks, you may use this place to exercise or to help find a sense of peace of mind within. No matter what your objective is while your passing through nature's path you know you sense there is something deep here. The whispers of history. From something as simple as the tweets of the birds, the breath of the wind passing by or to the sound of the crisp leaves that have crunched beneath your footsteps, knowing that thousands have laid in its place over the decades from the long lived and established birthplace of mother nature.

Take a walk with me...

(Photography by me :D )

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