The Gap Year List

The Boring Stuff
  1. Build up Portfolio
  2. Research into Universities
  3. Build up History of Art book
  1. Galleries (As MANY as possible to help with art history book)
  2. Musical/ theatre
  3. Work experience
  4. Read a book a month & review (Actually really looking forward to starting this straight away. If anyone has any recommendations please advise me :D )
  5. Join a charity/ volunteer group
  6. Give blood (I have panic attacks with needles so this will be an accomplishment)
Things I’ve always wanted to do (but too lazy)
  1. Learn guitar/ keyboard (I own both but actually never learned how to play them!)
  2. Paint-balling
  3. Marathon for Charity (I have a progress tracker to help me on my blog page.. Watch this space)
  4. Start gardening and keep my own mini greenhouse (Not too sure if this would work now its coming into the colder seasons but I will begin investing in compost and researching etc)
  5. Sit down and watch classics I’ve yet to see (e.g. E.T, Dirty Dancing, Scarface, Train-spotting, Donnie Darko etc.. Yes I know how can I not have seen examples like these.. I actually don’t know why I haven’t but I do try to keep up to date nowadays I just have to catch up by going backwards !)
  6. Take up a hobby that I would keep up with regularly not art related
The Dreams ( Budget Biters)
  1. Invest in a proper photography camera and sewing machine
  2. Festival Season (Try to get to as many within budget)
  3. Road Trip(s) (From a weekend away to driving around France..)
  4. Travelling (Australia is my dream destination but Europe would be amazing as well)
  5. Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  6. Holiday abroad with friends for my 21st next summer
Silly Things
  • Go to a ball/ formal just so I can wear a ball gown again
  • Learn to yodel
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Visit Karl in uni ! :D
  • Create my childhood in a jar
  • Get back into rollerblades (the four wheels)
  • Start a photograph diary (may do on here)
Okay that’s all I have so far. I will likely come back and add more. Also I shall update it of what I do achieve doing and write about it. That’s all for now tootaloo :)

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