Daisys Journal- The First Chapter

Daisys Journal

I suppose I should set out the facts first. I am a 20year old art student who has no idea what direction her life is going in. Sh*t. A midlife crisis already. Bad times! I was doing so well too.. Top of the class in school, but when it came to choosing which subject to specialise in I still ponder if I made the right choice. I had a deep love for English and Art but my heart chose to go down the creative pathway in the arts, not without leaving a slight ache for what could have been if I chose the other. I always dreamed of being a travelling writer who gets to explore every nook and cranny of the world and getting paid to write about it. How amazing right? But realistically I didn’t think it would happen so I went down the even less realistic route of becoming an artist only god knows why!

Now after school and 3 years of college under my belt I couldn’t bring myself to apply for university yet. The pressure was on so much to choose a main area fast in art that I'd specialise in. But I just couldn't choose the path to the rest of my career so rash. I kept thinking no its too soon, plus what would I write about in my personal statement! I had done nothing growing up through the years. I definitely classified as the typical 90’s generation kid who formed their own mould in the sofa. I saw all these extra curricular things I always wanted to do but never did. I can’t even make excuses because I was THAT lazy. I could call out every word said in an any episode of 'Friends' or 'Father Ted' but I don’t think that qualifies as an achievement :P So that brings me to where I am now. In my gap year. Totally determined to do the things I should have done over the years. I have a list too oh yes a list and I’ll post it on here so that I can see it all the time for motivation!

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