Love Is Like The Lottery

No matter what way we try it.. we all want to win the jackpot.

Some may spend their whole lives choosing certain numbers that mean something to them, whether it be a family member's birthday, age or lucky number they will pay high costs to grab even a few winning numbers. We just have to have a piece of that high when we see our numbers being called out.

Sometimes you just don't have the time to sit down and choose out those 6 specific numbers that in hope could change your life forever. That sounds like it should really be something you could spend 1 minute out of your day to do. But then again others do not like that responsibility. For then the mind games come in. You question yourself if you'd really thought which numbers to pick if a winning number is just one off from one of the numbers you had chosen. It is even worse when you had chosen a number but then changed it to something else, and regretting it immediately when the number you threw away gets called out.
     To put this into the love part of my metaphor/ theory, it would describe when you see an ex boyfriend/ girlfriend or someone you had turned down, thinking they weren't what you were looking for and then seeing them walking past you down the street hand in hand with a gorgeous girl or handsome guy, whatever may be your worst nightmare. You are then suddenly swept into the field of self doubt. You doubt every single decision and assumption you had made about that person before. That's when it feels like a blow to the chest from Tyson himself, you imagine yourself being that person, happy and content and you realise you could have had that. You could have won.

I envy those who are naturally lucky for I honestly think I am cursed. For example with me, the harder I try the farther away something becomes out of my grasp. It just isn't fair. But thats life I suppose. To put this into my metaphor about the lottery it means I tend to choose numbers that I feel have came up regularly in the past such as a 29 or 34 but with my luck it always seems to end up with the winning numbers sitting quite smugly right next to the mine such as a 28 or a 33. I think that has a lot to say about me in real life. Kind of like I prefer the familiar, so I would choose to look for love closer to home such as from building up on a friendship. It just seems like you have much stronger chances of succeeding. I know it can work so well for some, though I know from my own history this sometimes is not the case and actually makes it ten times worse when it does fail and then you have to deal with the repercussions. That image of the person walking past you hand in hand, winning.
My sister has never had chickenpox in her life yet she is a carrier and anyone who is around her who hasn't had it then catches it. I think there should be a scientific survey done on whether you can be a holder of good luck, for realistically I think in my life the ratio for good luck to bad luck is 2:10 and thats being generous!

For those who are lucky in a lot of ways the lucky dip will come at their strengths. By not putting too much thought into the place and time of where they choose their lucky dip, they can casually strike upon gold. But don't think you can do this yourself even though you really want to win. The luck knows when you are acting ! It just happens to some people because maybe it was meant to be. Beauty, manners, wealth, health and thinking you are more deserving than others plays no role whatsoever in the lottery. Though in life we know this can be what influences others in love and yes there can be happy endings for this. But I have seen for myself of the most goodlooking, the most kind hearted and the most deserving to win but have only had it for a short time then lost it.  Also I have seen it sweep over the most sincere and innocent and swallow them up leaving them bitter and cold never wanting to be near it again.

Its a rat race of life to win, it is without a doubt a joy and a curse.

It does end on quite a negative note but I can only write this on my own experiences. If you have lived like the other half. The winners, then you may have a different view on this. But sometimes those who have had a taste of the good life are still not happy. They can always seem to find a problem and pick and pick at what they already have trying to make it perfect, which in the end up can destroy it. Sometimes even if you win you are still not happy. You always want more. Greed has become such a powerful thing in the society of today. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at what we already have around us. Those who already love us without having to go search for them, good health and home and just be happy...

'If it isn't broke, don't fix it'

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