Tea Cures Everything <3

I slept in again and I had soo much to do today but now it all has to wait til saturday cos I was supposed to get today off but someone wrote me in on the rota without asking me ! The cheek! I'm letting it slide this time, though next time .. grrr !! Working soon til 10 then I have to go straight to bed to work tomorrow 7am to 4pm! :( When I have to do these big hours I always try to find about 15 minutes or so to sit with a cuppa tea and stare into nothing and just let my mind go blank. I don't know what you call this but I love it, it makes me feel so much more relaxed. I don't know if others do this please let me know if you do so I don't seem weird :P I had bagels too this time.. Sooo yummy:)

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  1. Tea so cures everything! I have been trying to convince people for years!


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